Don't Know What To Sell? 11 Online Boutique Ideas

Hey Girl!

Let me ask you something - How many times have you come across the idea of starting a boutique but didn't know what to sell?

Maybe you had too many ideas in your brain at the same time or maybe you had none?

You're ready to get started but don't know what to sell. You know what to sell but don't know where to get started?

That's why I'm here today!

To give you a list of 11 Ideas to help you brainstorm and start your Online Boutique!

11 Online Boutique Ideas

  • Clothing - Clothing is the 2nd hottest selling category online as per the reports published on eBay. You can have casual clothing for men, women, kids, sportswear, lingerie, and more. There is an ample number of choices available in today's time.

  • Home Decor - Home and living is the first and most revenue-generating category online in today's time. You can sell anything from candles to pillowcases and inserts and wall art.

  • Shoes - Haven't you heard of the quote - "Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life". Shoe Store is a dream for most girls!

  • Hair Bundles - Hair extensions and clippers are gaining popularity in the retail industry. You don't have to do the norm by following the existing members of the industry, you can create your own following by doing something different.

  • Handmade Jewelry - One of the most popular trends in today's time is handmade jewelry. Earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings; everything's in season.

  • Beauty Items - Buy them from wholesalers or join network marketing teams and create your own website, the beauty industry is evergreen.

  • Wholesale Jewelry - Don't know how to make jewelry? Look for a wholesaler to outsource your order.

  • Stationary - Are you a sucker for colorful notepads, glittery pens, and unicorn calendars just like me? Or Maybe you are more of cards and letterhead type of a person! Stationary is another category you can start your online boutique in.

  • Cell Phone Accessories - Glittery, Unicorn, Coffee Quotes, Empowering quotes, funny faces! Cell phone covers come in all shapes and size and make a great category for your online store.

  • Custom Mugs - When I started my own Online Boutique, I wanted to create custom designs with funny, empowering and badass messages to spread positivity around in tangible form. If you have any particular custom theme you attracted to or feel called towards, you can always design or get someone else to create custom designs for you.

  • Tech Store - If you are someone who loves technology and know more about it than anyone around you, then this is the perfect category for you. You can source tech gadgets like Mic, Tripods, Speakers, Headphones and more.

BONUS -Character-Driven Store. Confused? Are you a Harry Potter lover or a Game Of Thrones fan? Why not create a store based on your favorite movie or serial?

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PPS - If you are still unsure of what niche to select, snag the free 199 Niche Ideas here and start brainstorming!