6 Steps To Starting An E-Commerce Store

Hey girl! I can see you!

I know you are a DIY girl, who's always trying to find new ways, learn new things and do it all by yourself, putting more effort, downloading every freebie you find because you have the fire most don’t!You don’t waste time (because we only got 24hrs in a day, right?)You are a superwomen taking care of everything (business, kids, and job, husband and house chores).But no matter how many freebies you download, how many blogs you read, you always get into your own way.And that’s frustrating and annoying and sometimes overwhelming!You don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on Facebook Ads or spend time learning more about marketing when you can barely keep up with learning strategies to start your own Boutique!I just want to tell you that I've been there!Working too hard, downloading those re-packaged freebies;Not sure what or why I’m putting in so much effort and not sure if I can keep up with the whole “I want to own an online boutique” thing.But there’s good news – It doesn’t have to be like this! If you don’t want it to be!

Here are 6 quick steps you can do to get started today!

6 Steps To Starting An E-Commerce Store

Step 1 - Choose the right platform for your store

There are hundreds of platforms out there from Etsy to Shopify, BigCartel, WooCommerce, Tictail, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, the list goes on and on. But not every platform is going to be right for you.Start small by deciding where you want to sell. Is it a marketplace where there's already existing footfall you can leverage or you want your own website?Once you've decided that, think about the following aspects - how much do you want to pay per month for your platform (or do you want to pay at all?), how much customization do you want, do you know coding or HTML to DIY or do you want everything done for you?Once you have all the answers, you can find the right platform for you.Check out my blog post on How To Choose An E-Commerce Platform For Your Boutique blog post for more information!

Step 2 - Open a PayPal Account

PayPal is the preferred mode of payment when selling on eBay or any other platform as it's safe and easy to use.

Step 3 - Choose A Business Structure

Whether you decide to work as a Sole Trader or an LLC, it's important to set up a business structure when you doing a business and making money. Don't immediately jump on setting up a business without making any sales. Set up your business and as you start making money, you can set up a business structure as well. It's always advisable to talk to an accountant for more information. Laws are different for each state and country.

Step 4 - Determine your brand and ideal customers

Determine what type of products you want to sell, i.e. what niche do you want to enter and who your ideal customers are. Example, if you want to sell Home Decor items, your ideal customers would be ladies or you can further refine by doing Kids Decor and target moms and moms to be. Decide on your target audience and brand yourself accordingly in the market to stand out from your competitors.You can download a list of 99 E-Commerce Niche to help you brainstorm ideas for your store.

Step 5 - Find Suppliers

Once you know what niche you want to get into, it's time to find wholesaler/suppliers to source your products. Dropshipping is an easy way to get started, as it requires no huge investments or storing inventory. You only buy products from the supplier when your customers buy it from you. Make sure the products you select aligns with your brand and your target audience. Here's a free list of 15 wholesalers for you to download and get a kick start to your store.

Step 6 - List Your Items

Click pictures or use the ones your supplier has and you are ready to list your items up for sale. Follow the simple steps here to get your listings up and start making money.PS - You can also download my latest nugget, the Online Boutique Launch Checklist as you prepare to start your journey!