Things To Consider When Choosing a Dropshipping Supplier

The first step in starting an Online Boutique is identifying what you want to sell.

The second? Finding a supplier.

But how do you know if the supplier you are looking into is (1) legit and (2) worth considering?

Here are five essential factors to consider when choosing a supplier for your Online Boutique -

+ Products Options - I know it's cliche, but it's important to find a supplier that provides products that not only fit your niche but also help you create a complete collection & from where you can source products to expand your store. If you dropshipping, it’s essential that your supplier can provide you with high resolution & high-quality images + product description that you can use when adding products in your store.

+ Customer Support System - Opt-in for a supplier that has a good customer system in place so you can get quick replies to your queries. If you dropshipping, it’s essential to have a quick turn around when getting answers to the queries from your customers. If you wholesaling you want to make sure that you can reach them in case there’s an issue with your order or for other services. Many small companies out there that may have inventory to sell at cheaper rates than their competitors but would have a poor customer service. This not only affects their business but can also have an impact on yours.

+ Shipping Prices - According to a research conducted by Amazon, 46% of customers, will not go ahead with order processing if they are not offered with "free shipping". Knowing shipping prices is essential when selecting a dropshipping supplier.

+ Handling Returns and Refunds - This applies majorly to dropshipping suppliers but also valid to wholesalers in case of damage of items during transit from supplier to you. Different suppliers have different systems in place for handling returns and refunds. Some even charge a certain %age of re-stocking fees when returning un-damaged goods just because the customer changed their mind. Make sure you have all the information before you start working with them.

Most of this information can be found in the FAQ section of the supplier, however, if not, don't hesitate to ask them. It is very important to have all the information before you start selling.

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