Reflecting on 2016 - Lessons Learned


2016 was another roller coaster year for me and my partner when it came to health, wealth, travel & relationships (lost and gained). It was another year filled with both negative and positive moments but what made it different was my determination to not let the negatives outweigh the positives. No matter how hard the times got, holding onto the wins for the day got me through the rough times.I learnt that facing truth was an integral part of my growth and also appreciating the smaller things in life. Sometimes, the biggest win of the day was to simply get out of bed and sometimes the biggest win was achieving professional success. Here are the lessons I learned in 2016 -

  • I should not beat myself up if I'm having a rough day. There are somethings we don't have control on and in my case it's my health issues. There are times when I have no control of my aches and pains, and all I can do in those moments is get up, feed it and relax instead of beating myself up.
  • The power of morning rituals. I've learnt that when I start my day with meditation, journaling, being grateful for what I have, reading or doing something creative (writing or coloring) followed by a walk and some Beyoncé, my days are productive, I'm in the right mindset and fully energized.
  • Self - care is not selfish. Taking time off for self care is not being selfish, it's an essential part to keeping sane and not loosing myself in work. It helps me rejuvenate myself.
  • Not everyone is going to understand and be there for you. I've learnt that people come and go. Some will understand while others won't. Don't feel bad to cut off people who make you feel bad for the choices you make or get the negative out of you.
  • I'm not anyone else's opinion of me. I've learnt that what others think of me does not matter to me anymore. What I think of myself is what matters.
  • Be careful of what you say and share with people. Not everyone you share things with is rooting for your success.
  • Celebrate! God's given us one life. If you going to work your butt off, don't forget to celebrate your wins too. It's important to treat yourself and celebrate your wins. It doesn't always have to be with a bubbly (even though I won't mind); it can be something as simple as buying a new dress or getting a meni-pedi / spa or may be a tattoo!
  • I don't have to explain myself.
  • Read. Reading is very essential for self-development. The more I read, the more I find myself growing. This year, me and my partner has decided to read 1 book a month.
  • Unplugging myself from the world. I've learnt that I don't have to be available 24x7. It's important to unplug once in a while to enjoy the beauty of life. I make sure I keep my phone at home or on silent when I go out for walk or when I'm at the beach, to just enjoy the view and be present.
  • Try something new, something you've not done before. Last year, just for fun, I joined an internship with one of the largest Bollywood movies distributors in Australia / NZ and it has been the most rewarding decision for me. This gives me an opportunity to go out and meet new people and also learn new things. Not only that, for my birthday last year, me and my partner went for a trek. The view from the top was totally worth the effort. This year too, we will continue to go on new adventures and try something new every time we'll get a chance.

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