How These 3 Common Mistakes Are Killing Your Sales

I love selling on eBay and during my 2 years as a seller, I've come across various individuals who start and end their eBay business because they keep repeating the same common mistakes that are taking money out of their pocket instead of adding it.

#1 Focus on The Customer -When you work in retail, it is essential to have a customer-centric perspective than a buyer-centric perspective.

Here's why -As humans we have a tendency to focus on ourselves and when starting a small business, it is natural to focus on yourself and your needs. But as a successful seller, you ought to train your mind to think about the customer, how they would feel when they receive your product, will it make their life easy? Will it make them smile? Reflect on your store as a customer. Start with the customer experience and work backwards towards your store, not the other way around.

As Sam Walton said -There's only one boss. The "Customer". And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else.Therefore, it is essential to put the needs of the customer first than your own because profit in business comes from repeat customers.

#2 Poor Product Pictures -There are thousands of sellers and millions of buyers on eBay everyday selling products online. If you have a poor product picture, it will not catch your buyer's attention. Your product pictures need to be clear, close, cropped and click-worthy.

When you list an item, make sure the product in the main frame describes what you are selling. It's the item's original picture and not copied from the internet.

Even before a buyer can get to the description part, where you've defined how great your product is, he would first see the product picture which could make or break the sale for you. You can learn how to take good pictures (here)  while suppose use a poor picture and send the buyer away.

#3 Title Stuffing and Poor Description -Writing a title can be tricky. You don't want to add all the keywords that are related to your product into one title. It makes the title look unappealing. I read a very interesting tip the other day.

It was - never write anything in the title, that you would not say to a customer if he/she was standing in front of you.Makes sense, isn't it? As a buyer which title would you click at -

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Keywords are important but what's more important is to know how to use them and not misuse them. The same goes for product description.

You don't just want to write anything about the product. You want to describe your product in such a way that it convinces the customer to buy it from you. From describing the benefits to providing social proof of being a great seller, a description should cover it all.

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