Ready To Launch Your Online Boutique?

You know that ONE thing you keep thinking about doing but never get around doing it?

Let me guess, you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed and ready to think of an excuse because you know what I'm talking about...

Starting Your Online Boutique

Calm down, it's okay! You're not alone!

boutique launch (1).png

In fact, so many babes want to get started but are stuck in their own excuse of not having enough time, enough knowledge or even enough money to get started with!

Before I launched my own Online Boutique I researched, then researched some more (to be sure) because I+ Wasn't sure what I was doing+ Had no support or mentor to validate if I was doing it right or wrong.

And then I launched and 2 things happened -

+ I made my first sale!+ I made a profit!

I was on the top of the world!

It'll be a lie if I said I wasn't nervous! I sure was! Even though I had not put any investment upfront, I didn't want to lose money on my first sale!

Here's the deal - If you want to start your own Online Boutique, you'll have to go for it. Not think about it but take ACTION to get what you really want.

So I Thought of Sharing A Few Tips With You Today To Help You Feel Prepared & Less Nervous

🖤 Give it some thought -

It is important to be sure that this is what you really want to do. Don't just do it because (1) everyone else is doing it or (2) your bff asked you to pitch in. Do it because you are passionate about it.

🖤 Have a purpose -

Know exactly why you are doing it. Have a clear purpose behind it. Not for JUST money, not for your friends and partner but for YOURSELF. I started Mystical Berries (my clothing & accessories Boutique) with a purpose to spread empowering & positive messages in tangible form. My focus was to spread positivity in a world full of naysayers and critics. So what's your purpose?

If you are struggling to get started here keep these pointers in mind -+ What lights you up?+ What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

🖤 Work Smarter & Not Harder

My coach Bri emphasizes a lot on working smarter and not harder. If you don't want to create your own website, think about what all platforms or marketplaces can you leverage to sell your products? Maybe use a combination of Etsy + Creative Market + Facebook if you selling digital products to get more eyes on your product and give your customers with more options to shop from. The more people it reaches, the more it can be sold.

🖤 Have fun

Starting and selling in your Online Boutique should be fun and exciting. It's not like you are helping someone else make money in their brick and mortar store. It's YOUR baby.

🖤 Consider the market

It's also important to research the market you are about to enter or tap into. Is it over saturated or not so popular? Is it something customers are actively looking for or there is less to no demand for the product?

🖤 Put your customers first

Remember, you are not opening a boutique for yourself. It's to serve the customers and give them something they are looking for (even if it's not actively). So put your customers first. What do they need?

🖤 Stay consistent

When starting a Boutique, it's not like you'll get a 100 sales in a day on the day you launch. You need to build up your audience, spread the word and let people know about your new launch. You don't have to target family and friends but you can definitely use social media platforms to bring customers to your website or marketplace.

🖤 Start with what you know

I started with eBay because that's what I knew back then. It had a lot of footfall, people were actively using the platform to buy stuff and there was 1 less thing to worry about. I leveraged the footfall to my advantage and focused on learning the process of selling online than having to learn everything all at once. Start with what you know. You know SEO, great, create your own website and use it to grow your Boutique. Don't know how to attract customers to your website, it's okay! Start with selling at a marketplace.

Remember, that starting a Boutique can often get overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to DIY because unlike me, you have a support group + resources to fall on.

It's a new skill set - It's different + requires consistency just like anything else.

Waiting until the time is right or having all your ducks in one row is never going to happen!

If you are serious about taking ACTION, then grab the "Online Boutique Launch Checklist". Steps + Actions you need to take to launch your own Online Boutique with ease.

Listen... If I can do it (a girl who had no idea you could even sell online, I thought it was limited to big companies) ...