Dropshipping - Selling Cheap Products From China or Something More?

What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term Dropshipping?

𝤿 WTF? or

𝤿 Cheap knock-offs from China?

𝤿 It's so much more than that!

I asked my fellow #bossbabes in Facebook Groups, what they thought of the term Dropshipping and this is what the response was!


The Internet today is filled with courses, websites, webinars and freebies that teach you how to sell products from Aliexpress using Facebook or other Social Media Ads to make passive income. And it's because of these programs that Dropshipping has got a bad name!

And honestly, I wasn't surprised after I read those comments! If I hadn't seen the results of Dropshipping + how it helped me establish my Boutique I wouldn't have believed either. I've had my fair share of getting 'scammed' by impulse buying off of Facebook Ads only to find the product taking 4-5 weeks to get here when no such thing was mentioned either on their page/website or the ad.

BUT there's a different side of Dropshipping too! The side that has helped people start their Business. Did you know some of the big e-commerce stores like Zappos started as dropshipping company or Wayfair.com & Fab and Gilt have built their entire business around the dropshipping concept?

If they could why can't YOU? Only because some people promote selling through China, doesn't mean there aren't any more suppliers out there that can help you establish a boutique with high-quality products. It's only a matter of where you are looking!

So let's break down the points and kick some myths out of the way!

♥️ I don't trust another supplier with my products or how can I trust the quality of products without looking at them? or Quality issues are a major concern for me!

Whether you are buying wholesale or dropshipping, you never know the quality of the products until you look, touch and feel them. Therefore, before jumping or finalizing a supplier, date them! Yup, you read that right! Date them, find out more about them through Google search, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or public product review forums. You'd be surprised to find so much information that you otherwise couldn't by just looking at their website. If you still not satisfied, order a few pieces and test them. If you don't want to use them, re-sell them on eBay or donate them for some biz karma!

♥️ I'm uncertain if my package got shipped or did the right person get the right thing?

In my 4 years of selling via Dropshipping, I've had less than 5 cases of wrong products sent out to my customers. And in those 5 cases, twice my customer got a free replacement and 3 times, I ordered pick up from their location to ensure a happy transaction. Secondly, when the supplier ships out the item, you get a message with tracking number and the product shipped out. You'll know what went out, where and when it would reach your customer. You can even go to the courier company's website and select to be notified when the customer signs off for the package so you never have to worry about an unhappy customer.

♥️ I shouldn't have to do tons of work and get no profit. I would never have someone dropship for me because I've ordered from them.

You'd be surprised how many sellers you buy online from today are dropshipping. Wayfair, one of the most popular home & furnishings brand in the US started as a dropshipper. Products being sold on eBay are dropshipped from all over the world. Moreover, if you are providing value to your customer rather than just competing on price, you can earn more profits in comparison to someone selling the same product as you. So if you selling hair care products (I've been shopping a lot of them these days!), then what sets you apart from off-the-shelf products? What value is your providing to your customer than they won't get from anyone else? DevaCurl sells hair care products for curly girls. But what sets them apart is the value they provide in terms of free content + free gifts with every purchase! And because they provide value, their product prices are higher than other brands in the market because they are justifying the higher price by serving their customers. 

Dropshipping can be used in so many different ways like -

+ A first step of testing products or niche in the market & with your potential customers.

+ A way to raise money so you can start your own private label products.

+ A means to generate passive income while not having to invest any capital.

Have you used Dropshipping? What was your experience with it? Share it in the comments below!

PS - If you choose the first option WTF??!! I haven't forgotten about you! Here's something to help you get familiar with the concept - Why I Love Dropshipping Business Model (And You Should, Too!) 

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