Why Is Now A Good Time To Launch Your Online Boutique

Hey Girl!

Do you dream of starting your own online boutique but always come up with a reason why it won't work?

How many times did you sit down to research and but ended up with negative thoughts as to why it's not such a good idea?

How many times have the existing responsibilities (kids, partner, job) stopped you from taking the first step?

I've been there! Over-thinking, analyzing, being confused and also a little frustrated!

I know you might be feeling the same way and I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way doll!

Today, I'm not only going to tell you why you should start an Online Boutique but also how you can do it with utmost ease.

dropshipping_BM (1)

dropshipping_BM (1)

Why It's A Good Time To Launch Your Online Boutique

+ Retails stores all around the world are shutting down

According to Business Insider Australia, more than 3200 stores got shut down in 2017. I'm not just talking about any small business stores, but major retail brands like Sears and Kmart, Macy's, Staples, Michael Kors and more. Don't believe me, check out the facts in the article here.



The reason for slumping sales is increased competition from online sellers and decrease in in-store footfall.

+ Increase in Online Shopping and E-Commerce

When I was researching on how to start an online business for my eBook Curious Babe's Guide to Selling, I found that retail e-commerce sales worldwide in 2016 corresponded to 1.86 trillion US dollars and was projected to go as high as 4.48 trillion US dollars in 2021. That's a whopping 30% increase. No wonder the retail stores are shutting down and getting into the online business.

+ Increased Usage of Digital Devices When Shopping

Shopping Online is slowly becoming a trend because it's so much easier, you don't need to dress up, look for parking space or spend money on gas, you can simply shop online. In a survey, 11% of consumers said that they shopped online via their mobile phones every day; while others said that they use mobile phones when shopping for comparing prices, checking out product information, searching coupons and deals, making better shopping decisions and to make shopping trips quick and efficient. I'm guilty of doing the same!! I went to buy a dress for my birthday last year and while I was trying, my girlfriend found the exact same dress at a cheaper price online. We checked out the fitting, what size was best fit for me and then ordered the same online, which saved me more than 10% of the cost I would have paid at the retail store. That's the power of shopping online and if you have an online business, you can easily leverage the prices to give more advantage to your customers.

+ Less Over Head Expenses

Before e-commerce became so popular, it was difficult to open an online store because it required so much of effort in terms of creating a website, sourcing products, promotions, skepticism etc. Dropshipping is a new retail system where you only set up a website, take care of your customers and have your supplier to all the logistics for you - from storing inventory to packaging and shipping out items. You have a remarkable decrease in overhead expenses and therefore less financial commitments too. The expenses are low when it comes to starting an online business vs a brick and mortar store; therefore you can leverage the finances into other areas like marketing, advertising, website development and more in order to spend it's right.

PS - The concept of Dropshipping is fairly new and has a lot of untapped niches, thereby giving you an advantage over others if you start now.

+ More Freedom

Having your own business gives you the freedom to do the things you love, like traveling, spending time with your kids (if you are a mom), learn a new craft or pursue your passion and hobby. All you need is your laptop, internet connection and knowledge of how to automatize your business so you are not spending all the time on the laptop rather spending time in growing your business and doing things that matter to you.

There is no better time to learn how to start an online business because your customers already are habitual of shopping online. All you need to do to take advantage of this trend is to put yourself in front of your customers so they can buy from YOU.

Now that you know the benefits of starting an online business, let's dive into how you can get started easily and without any inventory. Yes, you read it right! No inventory means no/low investment thereby making the process affordable and manageable.

Now that you are familiar with WHY now is a good time to start an Online Boutique, let's see how you can do it.

In simple terms, an Online Boutique requires 2 basic things - (1) platform and (2) products but that's not all. From conducting research to finding what's the right platform to sell online, to understanding the needs and demands of customer and market can get not only stressful but also confusing since there are so many options in the market today!

Therefore, I've created an "Online Boutique Launch Checklist", a step by step guide you need to take to launch your own Online Boutique with ease.

Grab it now! Did I tell you it's FREE?