Are You Feeling Stuck?

Hey girl,

Let me ask you something... Are you frustrated + feeling stuck? Don't know what to do next or why you started an online boutique and now seem to get nowhere?

Maybe you feel burnt out or maybe you just overwhelmed with all the freebies you've downloaded that it seems like an information overload!!

There can be a number of reasons for that to happen!

💕 You're ready to take a leap of faith and start your own online boutique.... but you're not sure what steps you need to get started!

💕 You know all the right resources, you taking the right steps and yet somehow you keep coming back to square one.

💕 You have so many ideas but it feels like you can barely narrow down to one of them to get started with because you keep telling yourself the story that it won't work for.

💕 Everyone seems to have it all together but for you, it feels like a far-fetched dream that keeps getting farther and farther

Does it sound familiar?

Let me tell you, girl, This too shall pass!

You are closer than ever to what you need and want in your life.

Don't STOP now.

I know the rush you feel when you start a new project, you are so inspired to go for it! You wake up an hour early and go off to sleep an hr late just to get things done and complete your to-do list.

But what happens when the fire burns down and you feel like a lost puppy? Not sure which direction to go to + what next step to take?

This is when you need a checklist to guide you and help you tick things off. 

And that's what I'm here to give you TODAY!

Online Boutique Launch Checklist.

Simple steps to help you launch your Online Boutique!

This is for babes who -

  • Want to launch their own Online Boutique

  • Do it themselves

  • Have lost momentum & want to get back on the bandwagon

  • Have tried to launch their boutique, failed and want to try again!

So? Are you ready to get started??!