Online Boutique Audit

Online Boutique Audit


This Boutique Audit will include:

➕ A complete analysis & evaluation of your website - pages & content, policies, product description & SEO to improve the customer shopping experience.

➕ Analysis of your current social media accounts & ways to improve them to drive traffic to your boutique & maximize sales.

➕ 5 x written for you blogs in your niche to improve SEO

➕ 20 Content Ideas to work with specific to your niche.

➕ Actionable tips to take your boutique to next level

➕ Our best #Hashtag strategy specific to your business, niche or industry

➕ 30 picked for you Hashtags specific to your niche

➕ 30 day plan that you can use + duplicate for marketing on social media.

➕ Optimize your Bio & make it more specific to target your tribe.

All this delivered to your Inbox within 1-2 weeks!

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