5 Simple Ways You Can Live, Breathe & Be Your Brand

Starting a business has never been easy in today’s time. You’ve got an idea for a new product you want to sell, create a facebook page & list your products and you have a store open for sale.


But if everyone can do this, then how do you stand out from the crowd?

When people see you online or meet with you in person are you 2 different individuals for them?

Or are you incorporating your personality into your brand because both of you are the SAME?

Here are 5 simple ways you can live, breathe & be your BRAND -

  1. Be one with your brand- You and your brand are the same thing. If your brand stands or portrays something that you aren’t in real life, eventually your customers will catch up on the difference.

    Example - If you are selling crystals & other metaphysical products but somewhere deep down don’t really feel connected to them or if you are a motivational speaker but are always complaining, talking negative, not being appreciative of things around you then you can’t really help your tribe too.

    Your brand is probably saying - “I don’t understand the metaphysical stuff or believe in them but Thanks to Google I know what they all mean & hence I’m selling them.” Not fair for you or your clients.

    Being a boutique owner, you should talk, breathe & represent your brand at all times. Have a hint of you in everything from your collection to your business cards or your social media posts.

  2. Stand true to your words- Just don’t say fancy and big things on your website if you can’t stay true to your words. If you are guaranteeing quick delivery, be sure to stick to the time frame mentioned on your website. If you guarantee the lowest prices, be sure to deliver what you “promised”. It will help you build trust with your customers & increase your loyal fans.

  3. Engage your staff in your brand too- If you are a solopreneur then you are your brand. But if you are starting to build a team (full time/part-time or freelancers) be sure to have employees that stay true to the brand as well. Example - if you are dropshipping & your brand is all about delivering high-quality products and services but your supplier is lousy, not true to the product packaging, is always late in sending out the products & more often so ends up making mistake with the delivery, it will surely have an affect your brand. Be it choosing a dropshipping supplier for your boutique or hiring staff for your physical store, it’s essential for them to stay true to your brand & most importantly BELIEVE in your brand so it doesn’t look forced & comes naturally when they are talking to customers or making a decision.

  4. Show Off- Since you and your brand is the same, don’t forget to show off whenever you get an opportunity to showcase your brand. One of the perks of having my own Boutique is having the opportunity to wear my own t-shirts or jumpers. I don’t miss any opportunity I get when I can click a pic and show off my outfit which is also my design and my product. Some people think of it as shameless promotion & find it hard to talk about their own brand or showing off… in the end, you’ve got to think, it’s your brand, if you don't show off who will?PS - I’m not saying, go everywhere & wear only the products from your boutique, but let it flow naturally.

  5. Evaluate to elevate - I read this phrase on one of my client’s course topics & it sorta stuck with me. You can not elevate if you aren’t constantly evaluating. Review your brand, your boutique, check if they are constantly matching with one another, if your customers are getting the message you are trying to communicate or not & just keep analyzing it from time to time. This will help you stay fresh & consistent with your brand so you can remove the excess clutter & focus on what’s important.

    What are some ways you live, breathe and be your brand? Share with us in the comments below!