Why You Need A Business Plan For Your Online Boutique?


Are you someone who hears the words "Business" & "Plan" and immediately feel anxious and confused? You are not alone babe!

Business Plans tend to have a bad reputation but are the most meaningful document you can have when starting or growing your Online Boutique.

I know when starting out, you'd rather spend time placing product orders or designing, taking pretty pictures, opening social media accounts & writing blogs. But all these things won't matter if you don't have a solid roadmap for your Boutique journey.

What's a Business Plan?

It's a roadmap to take you from your current location to your final destination (i.e. starting or growing your online boutique). Imagine going from LA to Vegas with no roadmap, no idea which road to take or where to turn when you reach a dead end. You might still be able to make it to Vegas but it'll be more of an exhausting than fun.

A business plan is just that - a roadmap to starting your Online Boutique.  A business plan is a formal document that outlines your business’s goals and how you plan to achieve them. Think of it as a personal guide you can use when starting out and for all the times when you feel lost, confused as to what to do next or simply when expanding your business and checking progress. It can also be used when contacting financial institutions for fundings for growth and expansion.

Why You Need A Business Plan For Your Online Boutique?

  • Having a business plan encourages you to treat your boutique as a real business and not a hobby.
  • To making sure you are making correct decisions
  • To get financing for your boutique
  • To have a plan in place that helps you prepare for possible “bumps in the road
  • Making business a million times easier— and getting you to your end goal MUCH more quickly and smoothly!

Besides, it’s essential to not only have a plan— but to make sure it’s the RIGHT plan for you!

You wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with an outdated map or a map of Mexico if you’re going from LA to Vegas, right?!

The right business plan will-

+ Define your brand, goals and objectives+ Analyze and examine every aspect of your business+ Narrow down on your ideal customers+ Create strategies to get your products in front of your target audience+ Help you with financial planning and budgeting+ Social Media Promotion and more!

There will always be some degree with trial and error, but the right plan will help serve as a much-needed flashlight when you hit a dark tunnel!

You can prepare for possible toll roads, and prepare possible alternate routes in case of a detour.

It will also help you to lay everything out so that you’re able to foresee any possible quicker routes! For example, dropshipping vs stocking inventory! Or hiring an experienced expert to help you launch and be profitable in half the amount of time (and half the cost)!

Remember, writing a business plan requires time, effort and a lot of analyzing. No matter what the purpose is for writing a business plan - to start a boutique or grow an existing one, it’s important to clearly define your goal — and how you plan to get there!

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