How To Change Your Life Before Breakfast


Let me ask you something, how did you feel when you woke up today? Were you excited for a new day ahead, grateful to be alive and ready to smash it? Or Did you wake up exhausted, feeling overwhelmed?Remember feeling excited waking up on beautiful Christmas morning despite bare minimum sleep the previous night? Why not wake up like every day? What if I told you there was a wonderful way to live life and you can start living it from tomorrow?Change Life Before Breakfast.png

How To Change Your Life Before Breakfast

Here are 6 steps to start your day off right and be primed for success -

  • Meditate

We are surrounded by noise all around us. From the moment you step out of your bed to when you step back into go off to sleep, we have noise all around us. Sometimes we hear it because it's too loud and sometimes we don't. Start your day with a little meditation. Calm your mind, shut the outer world and let your brain rest. Listen to what your soul is trying to tell you. Being quiet can be really hard, start small, maybe a minute tomorrow or 2 minutes. Gradually keep increasing until you reach 10  minutes. If you can't keep your brain quiet, open a guided meditation on youtube and plug it in. They are quite effective when starting out.

  • Affirmations

Affirmations program your mind to do things that would help you achieve the results you desire. Things won't happen over-night by simply saying things, affirmations are a way of programming your conscious and unconscious mind to get into the habits that will help you achieve your goals. If you are skeptical in the start, you can add the phrase "I choose to believe" and then say your affirmations. E.g. I choose to believe that I'm worthy of making more money. It will not only make it believable but also help you relate to it.

  • Visualize

Visualise the steps in detail that you ought to take to accomplish your goals. What are you doing? How long does it take to complete the task? What is the outcome of the task? How will it get you closer to your goal? What is in your surroundings when you are accomplishing your task? What are you wearing? How do you feel? Add as much more detail as you'd like to feel and be in the picture you are creating. Seeing yourself doing it in your mind will make it easier to accomplish them in real life because your brain already knows what needs to be done.

  • Exercise

I know reading the point would make you go like, but I don't have time for it. I gotta rush to office, drop my kids or maybe you go to the gym in the evening, hear me out. As much as it's important to focus on your mind, it's equally important to focus on your body as well. If you not healthy, you can't be wealthy. So if you someone who goes to the gym in the evening or doesn't at all, it's essential to move your body in the morning to get the blood flowing and releasing endorphins that would affect the quality of the rest of your day. I won't ask you to do a full workout in the morning, put on your favorite Beyonce tune or whatever gets you moving and dance it off. Do whatever helps you move your body and gets the blood flowing.

  • Read

Spend some time reading in the morning. I don't mean the posts on social media or your emails, I mean reading a book that would feed your mind. Books help in developing new skills, improving mindset and personal growth. Take 10 minutes, read a few pages before you get going for the day. The Internet is full of books at your fingertips. Find something you want to learn that would help you grow personally and professionally.

  • Journalling

Last but not the least, journalling. Write down what you are grateful for, what you want to accomplish and your affirmations. I believe that writing down on a piece of paper boosts output and re-affirms to your brain what you'd like to accomplish. Read more benefits of writing here. Spend 10 - 15 minutes writing on a plain notepad or you can buy a bullet journal for yourself.How you start your day, determines the mood for your day. Wake up 30 minutes early than your usual time to spend average 5 -10 minutes doing each of the above-mentioned tasks and see the results. Remember, life can only be a better place if you make it.